The delicious treats of Seattle


Enjoying your US vacation? How about leaving the comfort of your hotel room and have some intimate dinner with your date? As a coastal seaport city in the state of Washington, Seattle is one of the biggest cities in the US where you can easily get lost just roaming around looking for the best restaurant. Thanks to YELP, you can now get to the next best restaurant to electrify your taste buds. As you know by now, your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa truly helps on easing up travel woes. With ESTA at hand, food trips have never been so much easier and fun.

Did you know that the Washington State have the best fruits and vegetables in the US? If not, then you’re in for a wonderful treat. It is said that the most famous chefs in Seattle practically venture out into the fields themselves to find mushrooms and other wild edibles. The mushrooms and other green stuff on your plate were meticulously harvested from the right places. The fact that your favorite chef is using purely natural ingredients makes eating their food not only delightful but healthy too.

Capitol Hill restaurant Sitka & Spruce by Matt Dillon is one of the most popular restaurants in Seattle. It is absolutely perfect for vegetarians and fruitarians because the meals are cooked based on the greens instead of the standard red meat and fish recipes. Frankly, I’m a carnivore but it doesn’t hurt to get inside one of these restaurants to eat nothing but scrumptious vegetables and splendid sweet fruits. They’re not only healthy but also outrageously delicious.

seattleThe Bar Sajor on Occidental Ave (another project of the legendary Matt Dillon whose farm in the Seattle’s hinterlands gives his food the real delicious feel that can only be found on home cook recipes) is perfect for romantic dinners. The Bar Sajor’s atmosphere is reminiscent of Paris’s beautiful and delectable cuisine beaming with scrumptious eats. Perhaps, you could finally drop to your knees and profess your undying love to your date. With the warm and friendly atmosphere, you simply have the odds on your favor.

Love sushi and dim sum? No problem, there’s a street on Seattle catering the very best of Asian cuisines. Asian food gives that lovely kick, maybe because of spices or them Asian cooks are just really too good cooks, either way, everybody wins. Seattle’s International District is pretty much Asian by all means when it comes to food presentations. It covers Vietnamese with its signature pho dish including Chinese and Japanese. Korean’s dim sum is also one of a kind and if you’ve never tasted one, grab a seat on this restaurant and savor the taste of your soon to be dim sum initiation. Sushi is noting but heavenly, each fresh bite practically pushes you to bite some more and more until you want more.

Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood on 1st Ave is another foodie paradise you must never miss. This place is like the melting pot of various restaurants from different countries. You name it, they have it, from spicy Asian foods to Italian’s delicious pasta. You can also find kebabs or try out different combinations of various cuisines within a single meal.

In the end you’ll realize that one night of touring Seattle’s food city is never enough to truly enjoy every meal, so carefully plan your food trip.


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